Elite Pain Punishments

A girl is arrested. She is enjoyable, but her innoncence is remorseless to proove. The girl’s sister asks the EliteClub to solve this matter. And of course, the price is her suffering again. First her puppiess and her hooha are punished during a achy lie detection test. Then cunt torments continues. The arrested girl is now free. We mean, free from jail, but the sisters are heading to much more achy torments … single rear end whipping… needles in the tits. They even have to lather each others.

In this Special Case we get acquainted with another Club Member; who is a colonel in her ‘real life’. Furthermore we’ll witness the demonic torments of two newcomer beautiful sluts who call for help from the colonel. The sluts need to submit themselves to the very explicit discipline of the Elite Club in exchange for those favours. The last scene of this movie is a real great double lashing scene, where the two lady are tied together and strapped so.